The objective of The Bob Dylan Project is to list every recording of every song sung or written by Bob Dylan and to provide direct links to the actual recordings. In addition the project provides direct links to other notable versions of each song available on YouTube or other streaming services.

Bob Dylan's Music Box



We are now at 200 Albums, 1,500 Songs, 5,000 Artists, 10,000 versions and 40,000 links to Bob Dylan related music!

The streaming services business is consolidating, GrooveShark, Guvera, RadioUOL, Tidido are gone. Song365 is now YourMusic but it is too unreliable. Dailymotion and MP3BASE are full of advertisements and are also unreliable.

Deezer has 7,000,000 Paid users.

Spotift has 30,000,000 Paid users and 100,000,000 total users.

YouTube has 2,000,000 paid users and 1,000,000,000 total users per Month.

SoundCloud has 175,000,000 active users per month.

So we are down to YouTube, Spotify, Deezer and SoundCloud. All of these want you to pay for their “Premium” services. Currently we can only continuously stream YouTube freely without advertisements on desktops and tablets but not on mobile devises because Auto-Play is not available on mobile devices.

Even with a Spotify account it is difficult to continuously stream from within The Bob Dylan Project because Spotify does not allow an Auto-Play option regardless of device type. (If anyone can help us with these problems please contact us).

We have now implemented the streaming of Deezer from within the application and although you need a Deezer account this service does continuously stream on both desktops and mobile devices (with a few exceptions). It works well but if you don’t have a Deezer account you will only get 30 seconds of music.

Soon you will be able to prioritise which streaming services you would like to use so as to reach a far greater number of songs, assuming you have the accounts, compatible device types and operating systems.



The introduction of the Artist portal to The Bob Dylan Project.

This is a great opportunity for artists to have a focal point for all their Bob Dylan related music and to have direct links to relevant biographical data from one place.

There are over 4,000 unique artists, with 10,000 versions of Bob Dylan related music easily accessible.

Play all the great songs legally, free and without Ads or subscription.  




To be Multi-generational and Multi-cultural is a goals of The Bob Dylan Project. With that in mind we have been loading many more versions of Bob Dylan songs in other languages. Additionally, a selection of artists from inside the Music Box have recorded a website introduction in their own languages. Listen to these in your language at

Bob Dylan Radio.

A random song (from approximately 1,000) is selected and then a random version (from approximately 20 per song) is played, then another song etc.

Tap the Radio image on any page and listen to a continuous selection of songs by various artists, legally, free and without Ads! That is about 2 weeks of continuous music without a repeat – Yes, all Dylan composed or performed.

Lift the lid on Bob Dylan’s Music Box and follow us inside now. 


Introduced the ability to play a sequence of tracks on a Song page.

Select one, select several or “Select All” and then tap “Play Selected” (If there is a problem with the YouTube streaming service close the YouTube window and just tap “Play Selected” again to skip that track).


1,000 Songs, 3,000 Artists, 20,000 Links are inside Bob Dylan's Music Box.


The lid on Bob Dylan's Music Box is opened.

Regards David Freeman

YouTube and Streaming services

The goal of including the YouTube links is to find the “best” Dylan covers and alternative versions culled from the many hundreds of thousands out there. “Best” is a very subjective word; at The Bob Dylan Project, every Dylan song is a masterpiece, regardless of who sings it. Some, but not us, would say Dylan’s songs are better done by others, reluctantly we accept their right to that opinion! What The Bob Dylan Project means by “best” is illustrated by this one: Patti Smith (Changing of the Guards)

The Bob Dylan Project would appreciate receiving your selections to replace or add to the existing versions where applicable. Convince us that your “best” versions are better than ours. Send your selections to

Selection Guidelines

·       Must be “good”.

·       Only the “best” twenty versions by language.

·       Freely available on YouTube without copyright infringement.

·       Multiple free streaming options available.

·       Cleanly and professionally recorded.

·       Supporting artists devoted to the music of Bob Dylan. 


This project acts as an index to all of Dylan’s recordings at the song and album level as well as an index by the other artists who have recorded the songs. The list of Dylan albums allows for a direct link to the complete album as well as a link from the album’s tracks back to the song listing holding links to other versions. There are additional links to the Bob Dylan official site by album and song so that the lyrics can be viewed where available and to documentation held within Wikipedia by song and album. The project is not about Dylan the man but the representation of the essence of the man through his music.

Please HELP. The Bob Dylan Project is for Bob Dylan fans so if you have any input please contact


The Bob Dylan Project does not sell anything physical but rather sells the message of Bob Dylan’s music which transcends any material value.

The bank balance of The Bob Dylan Project is currently: AUD $23,917.75 DR. The details of the bank balance will be updated each month.

If you would like to financially support The Bob Dylan Project contributions can be made via PayPal to Your name (unless directed otherwise) without the amount of the contribution will be listed below for a period of time.


The following Dylan fans have helped in many unique and wonderful ways. The Dylan Project thanks you...

  • Fred Hamlett (Content)
  • Lavinia Curletta (Content)
  • Manuel Mariño (Content)
  • Mark Creamer (Content, Donation)
  • Chris Rider (Content) 

YouTube and External Link Errors

For various reasons links to YouTube and streaming services fail, usually because of copyright problems, but, in most cases as fast as a song is taken down a new replacement will be put up. So if a link fails simply manually search and you will most likely find the replacement. Please report broken links to The Bob Dylan Project so that we can update the master document. Report broken links to

Formatting Errors

The team has been compiling this document for several years and errors and omissions are in no short supply. Please forward your comments and corrections to us at thank you.


The list of songs is based upon a combination of sources. Firstly the Bob Dylan Official web site: then the Wiki list of songs by Bob Dylan: then actual songs from albums on which Bob Dylan sings. If there are others that have been missed please send them to


This is not a commercial web site and it does not hold any music content.

Bob Dylan, like many artists, is very particular and proactive with respect to copyright. This site does not condone any copyright breaches. This site does not contain any local content other than the images downloaded from the internet freely available to all. (The URLs of all images are visible with the image). If copyright infringements inadvertently exist on this site they will be removed as soon as they are notified (within in the next maintenance cycle).

Music copyright infringements that exist on sites outside the scope of The Bob Dylan Project cannot be rectified by this web site manager. All YouTube covers should contain the following: “Copyright music and lyrics reproduced by kind permission of Special Rider”.

Bob Dylan has his own web site:

Bob Dylan also has his own YouTube site:

Bob Dylan has a YouTube VEVO site: (Music video by Bob Dylan performing song. (C) 1993 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT). These songs are directly referenced.

If we are notified that an image is subject to copyright the image will be removed or a link will be enabled taking the user to the web site of the copyright owner.